Real Ales & more

Eight real ale beer engines!

We have great pleasure in offering real ales from small and large breweries from Devon and beyond, but the emphasis, as with our food, in in searching out flavoursome local products. We offer beers from Teignworthy, Otter, Hanlons, Hunters, Red Rock, Exeter, Powderkeg, Dartmoor, and Black Tor Breweries, to name but a few, together with more mainstream ales from Greene King, Belhaven and Morland amongst others.
We are particularly proud of our own Thatched House Ale, supplied by Greene King, a flavoursome session ale that goes down a treat! We offer tasting paddles of 3 x 1/3 rd pint glasses, so you can work your way all along the bar!

And it’s not just real ales - we have real local ciders including bramble, cloudy, vintage, strawberry and pear from local suppliers such as Sandford Orchard. As with the real ales, if you are not sure what to have, you can try before you buy!

What is a craft beer?

There are as many definitions as there are beer lovers! Essentially a craft beer is one that has been made with individual care and attention and focuses on flavour above all else. Because of this the brands are not necessarily familiar, but as with all our beers we offer a little tasting sample to enable you to try before you buy.

Currently we offer:
Noble Lager
Belhaven Scottish Stout
Craft Academy Big Bang - Dry hopped IPA

We also have an extensive wine list and a great selection of spirits, minerals and other soft drinks available.
Come join us for a great pint!